Golf To End Cancer

Raising Funds And Awareness To Fight Cancer Holistically &
Celebrating Those Who Have Committed To Wellness & Cancer Prevention!


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A.J & Jane Ali
Picture 50Hosts of “Survive & Thrive with A.J. & Jane,” a multi-media wellness program geared towards families affected by cancer. A.J. is a Hollywood FAME Award winning writer, producer and TV host. Jane is a breast cancer survivor and writer for Both are wellness experts and advocates for holistic healing and proactive total family wellness.

Suzanne and Ronnie Lindley
Co-Founders of YES, Beat Liver Tumors. Suzanne and Ronnie are tireless patient advocates and champions of raising awareness about issues related to funding and better access to patient care. Suzanne is a true warrior living with cancer and Ronnie has dedicated tremendous resources to the work the couple does daily.

  • Robert Lott
  • George Mysior
  • Henry Ramsey
  • Cory Reader
  • Wendy Soo Hoo
  • Kathy Stabile
  • Barak Vaughn
  • Woody Wilson

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